Broadcast Monitoring


Monitoring has become a vital part of today’s broadcast operations. It is critical to customer retention while valuable to operational costs. ACETEL monitoring solutions are resourceful tools to monitor transmission and resolve issues before they become a larger problem.






Capable and reliable, ACETEL Multiviewers give broadcasters the flexibility to be able to monitor several signals such as HDMI, SDI and IP as well and can detect alarm & support Penalty box. Also This solution supports not only ETR290 Report but TS Recording and source cycling.


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Remote Monitoring Solution integrates with our Multiviewers or directly with the STBs for clear and ubiquitous channel monitoring of remote locations. Also This solution supports channel looping and to be able to control STB which located in remote sites. So Operator can reduce their OPEX (Operating Expenditure) through using this solution. Managing person in remote sites won’t be needed because person in Main center can control remote site’s status.

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Multi-channel Monitoring Solution monitors various input formats, including Analog, SDI and HDMI for detecting Video and Audio faults. Operators can choose between HDMP, IP, SDI and CVBS input models, and all have 16 inputs with a DVI or HDMI output. This solution consists of MD2000series Multiviewer, RC2000 IR Controller, MD3000-IP and MD-NMS.

Developed to work with the MD and the MD-NMS, the RC2000/RC1000 can take control of 20/16 STBs at one time. Operators can zap channels, and program the channels Round-Robin as well as other commands. 


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Digital Media SI


Digital Media System Integration (SI) provides expert broadcast engineering and systems integration services to the digital media markets. Based on strong partnership with top class of technology partners such as Harmonic and Nagravision over 15 years, and in-depth experiences in digital H/E system projects, the team supports business model design, deliveries turnkey systems and guarantees the maintenance service for the reliable operation.


The World Leader in Digital Video Infrastructure Solutions
Harmonic provides the supply chain infrastructure — from production through delivery — that enables content producers and service providers to engage and prosper in today’s multiscreen video economy.
Today Harmonic is the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure solutions and the first to provide broadcasters, service providers and other media companies with emerging video capabilities that are ready to deploy on a global scale. Acetel and Harmonic partnership helps our customers respond to the challenges of the digital video revolution while reaping its benefits—including the ability to deliver stunning video to viewers on any screen, anywhere. Our cutting-edge solutions power everything from HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) compression of Ultra HD video to blazing-fast transcoding of over-the-top (OTT) video-on-demand content.

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NAGRA is the worldwide leader in delivering secure, end-to-end digital media technologies that service providers can rapidly deploy to generate and protect revenues. Nagra solutions address the entire digital media ecosystem with a focus on bringing premium entertainment to every screen. 120 leading service providers worldwide have entrusted Nagra as a natural ally for generating and securing revenue from content delivered to hundreds of millions of subscribers. NAGRA has unparalleled know-how and experience in the delivery of complete, end-to-end and secure digital media solutions, with a proven track record that spans two decades. NAGRA is independent from any media group or service provider, and is part of the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S), a global technology leader. The Kudelski group invested Acetel in year 2005.

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Bridge Technologies was founded by a team of people with solid backgrounds from the Broadcast, Telecommunications and Media industries. With deep knowledge of both the marketplace and industrial product development, Bridge Technologies products have been deployed in a large number of networks worldwide.
Bridge Technologies’ main focus is the area between the Broadcast and Telecommunications spheres. Bridge Technologies systems is acting as a facilitator between the two, giving equal access and a common paradigm of understanding media flow from two different perspectives. The dramatic drop in cost of bandwidth, storage and processing power is changing everything in the networking space. Bridge Technologies is working to make these technical advances also benefit the content production in the television and video industries.
Conversely, broadband network operators see benefits in moving into the multi service offerings of Telephony, Internet, Mobility and Television. Bridge Technologies is working to make this transition as seamless as possible for Operators. Bridge Technologies Co AS is a privately held company with headquarters in Oslo – Norway, and Acetel made a distributor agreement with Bridge Technologies in 2012.

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Playcast is a TV channel that lets you play the world’s major video games.
Playcast licenses streaming right from the world’s major game publishers and partners with cable, IP and OTT (over the top) TV network operators to deliver these games directly to subscriber’s home.
Playcast offer a AAA games catalogue full of high definition, next gen, console quality games; shooters, racers ,action, sports, platforms and even those addictive casuals.
The subscription package is offered to gamers for a monthly fee or other models, such as a-la-carte, or single game package work too. The video game subscriptions are branded, marketed and sold through TV distribution partners. Acetel and Playcast launched the commercial GOD service with CJ Hellovision in 2012.

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VJ Center

 Video Journalist (VJ) production or one man production system is a long pattern to create video contents by alone or a few peoples at an economic cost with a compact camera and production idea.
VJ center has developed a lot of low cost devices for video producers such as stedycam, rain cover, videotape case, prompter and so on since 2004. Now smart pad and smart phone with high resolution camera and editing tools become remarkable devices to produce the video contents and easier to share them on Social Network System. New accessories and video distribution market environment related with the smart device and video production will be released in this section.

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Smart VJ Pole Series

VJ Center recently launched Smart VJ Pole series!

The basic set of Smart VJ Pole is composed of an adjustable pole, a holder, and a remote control. With this products, you can take wider background scenery of your selfie by yourself. Or more friends in your selfie. A waterproof pack is added in the optional set so that you can protect your smart phone in the pocket and take a picture in water. Smart VJ Pole set is even more useful when climbing, sightseeing, or taking picture with many people. Capture your beautiful moment efficiently with Smart VJ Pole!




Very light, Simple and Economic Crystal Prompter : 15” and 17” size models
PD150, Z-1, ENG camera attachable.
Attachable to glass in beam splitter
Fold type prompter for easy handy carry
Designed with high quality of duralumin material
Enables smooth gaze for news reporters and interviewers
Helps users to give eye contact to camera and improved holding audience to concentrate.
Helps users comfortable during speech and gives audience a better impression.
Provides easy movement and active gesture during talking.

Package Components

Body, mirror (beam splitter) , hood, Ac-adapter, mount bolt, screw dribver, quick-shoe,
RGB cable, Ac cable, Manual, aluminum case, 6mm or ENG camera mount, S/W (optional)

Smart pad video mount VJ-T & P series
VJ-T100 Smart Pad/ VJ-T200 Pad-Mini / VJ-P100 smart Phone
A smart way to create video contents using a smart pad

An economical one person video shooting kit
Self recoding, 2 way recording, stable shooting
Add on other lighting, microphone, tripod and remote control for full shooting kit